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Marketa Ruzickova

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Marketa Ruzickova is the Founder, Marketing Strategist at Behind The Brands Ltd. 

Marketa Ruzickova is a passionate luxury marketing expert with experience across Europe, the US, and China. She created a global digital marketing platform for Lasvit, a leading designer and manufacturer of lighting collections and glass installations (K11, St. Regis, or Morpheus Macau). Then, she ran dermo-cosmetics sales and marketing at L’Oréal in Czech and was CEE Regional Marketing Manager at Estée Lauder.  

For the last six years, Marketa has been living in Asia, first in Beijing and now in Hong Kong. She has opened her marketing agency and is helping Western luxury brands penetrate Asia, and local brands access Europe. She also has a strong academic background in luxury marketing from NYU and HKUST. 

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